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We are joining with our wider movement and family of Churches, the Australian Christian Churches for a 21 Day National Prayer and Fasting Initiative.

Over the 21 days, we will focus on Local, National and Personal matters. It also includes our support for the National Day of Prayer & Fasting on 10th February 2018.

We encourage all individuals, families and lifecoms to participate over this 21 day period. There is a prayer journey in terms of focus we will be taking as listed below. 


There are alot of Christian myths around Fasting including the 'Daniel Fast' and 'Fasting' things other than food / drink. What is fasting? What do the scriptures teach? Click the link below to see a blog post by Divergent Leader -  Josh

Post 1. FASTING PRAYER AND CONSECRATION? ie. What is Fasting?...really

Post 2. Fasting: Getting Practical 


WEEK 1: Focus on Local  

Start date: Monday 29th January


Prayer for:


Day 1:  Our local churches and church leadership

Day 2:  Our local community services personnel

Day 3:  Our local schools, teachers and students

Day 4:  Our local businesses and livelihood

Day 5:  Our local needs and challenges

Day 6:  Our local government officials

Day 7:  Our local impact in loving our neighbours


WEEK 2: Focus on the Nation  


Start date: Monday 5th February


Prayer for:


Day 8:  Our nation, government and leadership

Day 9:  Freedom of faith

Day 10:  Military, police & emergency services

Day 11:  Media, Education & Health

Day 12:  Economic: business and agriculture

Day 13:  Sport, Arts & Entertainment industries

Day 14:  Justice and righteousness that exalts a nation

10 February: National Day of Prayer & Fasting (click here to sign up)


WEEK 3: Focus on Personal   

Start date: Monday 12th February


Prayer for:


Day 15:  My growth and relationship with the Lord

Day 16:  My close family members

Day 17:  My relationships: marriage and friendships

Day 18:  Physical health and healing

Day 19:  Financial and provision

Day 20:  God’s purpose for my life

Day 21:  Opportunities to serve the Lord




• Dedicate specific time and focus in your LifeCom toward prayer and fasting

• Participate in our 'SALT & LIGHT' devotional *this will come out in
7 day blocks' around each of our 

Churches focuses. You can find these from Monday the 29th of Jan in our App.

• Sign up for the National Day of Prayer & Fasting

The National Day Of Prayer & Fasting will launch on 10 February and has various activities scheduled including a 40 Day Prayer & Worship Relay. Click here to register your involvement.



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