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At DIVERGENT CHURCH we have a simple format to create opportunity to connect and grow. Our Life Communities meet fortnightly, with EQUIP Nights on the other alternate Wednesday nights. This is done to ensure that you can get a broader sense of connection and knowledge without being out every night of the week. The Church gathers together, so it can scatter into every sphere of life declaring and demonstrating God's kingdom. 




Get plugged into a LIFE COMMUNITY (small group)!!! Check out this link for more info





Equip runs on the alternate fortnight to Life Communities on a Wednesday night and covers leadership, ministry, practical and theological topics. During the year there are also more systematic courses from Alpha (seekers), basic theology (Elemental), to life courses such as 'The Marriage Course' and Prepare/Enrich for engaged and married couples. In addition, we have special Equip events to enable people across life. 









//ONE Youth


LifeCity//Youth is all about seeing our Youth raised and released to walk in everything God has for them. Our Youth Community runs in a fortnightly format with Life Communities run fortnightly around the City and united events on the other fortnights.


Check out our special //Youth page for more info and rosters

YA - //GENLIFE - 18 - 25's

Runs Social events for our University and Young Adults Community with overlapping and integrated LifeCom's with the wider Church.


Check out more on our special GENLIFE PAGE 

YA - //ATG - AGAINST THE GRAIN - 25 - 35s 

ATG seeks to see our working young adults and 25 - 35's community seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness in every sphere of life, living against the grain of popular culture and desire. ATG meets regularly in Life Communities across Canberra and in larger activities throughout the year.

There is obviously overlap in our activities with the wider community at DIVERGENT CHURCH.



Sometimes it can be difficult to get out with the kids or connect due to the constant counting of heads, wondering where the kids have gone and what they might be getting into. There are a lot of changes with the demands of parenthood, but the wider community is still crucial to every healthy family.

Running regular social events for the family, equipping events for parenting, and more, //FamilyLIFE is all about seeing God glorified and His kingdom extended in and through our journeys (whilst having a lot of fun along the way).


//Radiance Women


Radiance runs social events and special events for our women. This includes a group for mums during the day in the South and the North.



//MoveMENt runs events for men throughout the year. Stay in touch to hear what is going on!


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