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Health Update

Last updated: 23 Nov


We want to inform you of the following precautionary measures we are taking for Divergent Church in relation to Coronavirus COVID-19. We would greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in these matters.


Key Points

  1.  Our church is gathering in person across all our locations inline with the Australian Government health and safety guidelines.

  2.  If you or your child are feeling unwell please stay home and rest, seek medical attention and do not attend any church services or gatherings including youth, kids, or life communities etc.

  3.  If you have traveled from any 'hotstops' within the last 14 days, do not attend.

  4.  If you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive, you should have already received medical attention and been instructed to be in-home isolation. Regardless of whether you have, please do not attend.

  5.  If you have a COVID-19 test result pending, please do not attend.

  6.  The Australian Government’s advice and information can be found at and also at your state or territory health authority.

  7.  Our team are monitoring the situation regularly and are following the advice given by relevant health authorities.

  8.  As per normal encouragement, we encourage you to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. High touch areas will be wiped down regularly.

  9.  In addition, we ask that you please practice good hygiene by frequently washing your hands with either soap or hand sanitiser and by using good cough/sneeze etiquette.


Parents, if your children are unwell, please keep them home. Any child who falls ill (fever, cough, runny nose) during a program will be required to be collected promptly. We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Ultimately, even as we pursue preventative measures and exercise wisdom, our faith and security are in Jesus Christ. I pray His promise of protection over you and your family. Let’s also pray for those affected around the world, and that the virus will be quickly contained.

This information is not meant to create fear, but rather, our desire is for you to be informed and know that our heart is to protect and ensure the safety of all, so we can continue to worship together. 


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