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Movement or Monument? Understanding DIVERGENT CHURCH and it's shape

This is the first in a multi-week series covering the DNA and VISION of DIVERGENT CHURCH (formerly LIFECITYCHURCH)

“We are...

"//ONE Church expressing ourself in multiplying community based and focused Churches”

Most businesses, educational institutions, most 'things' people attempt to build are monument oriented, and are often understandably so. They are built to 'last the generations' - stability, security and solvency are of central importance. Control mechanisms and hard structured systems become central.

Whilst monuments have their importance and place in society they primarily tell us something about the past not the present.

That is not what we believe God called us to to be part of as DIVERGENT CHURCH. A movement is quite different. It is primarily centred not on organisational structure (though organic structures must exist) but upon values and vision, upon core convictions and fluidity. Unlike in the monument building environment words such as initiative, innovation and instinct are of central importance.

This is where it gets difficult for some. If one does not buy into the values, vision and people themselves, they will fail to stay within the movement because unsurprisingly it continues to move. Movements tend to move at rapid pace taking twists and turns adapting to changing circumstance, a movement is to water as a monument is to stone.

In a Church/Kingdom of God environment...

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