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What is a Life Community?


Life Communities Purpose and Focus Discussion - Covering the Five focuses of Life Communities


Ice Breakers


Over 110 Icebreakers

65 Ice Breaker Ideas for small groups

40 Ice Breakers for Small groups


Life Community Leadership and Growth


8 Habits of Effective Small group Leaders

Guaranteed ways to grow your small group


Life Community Studies / Discussion Sheets 


155 Bible Studies - Ken Legg


LifeCity Incursion Series - Kingdom Life in Contested Space - Living on mission / telling your Story


Wk 1 (Leaders Guide) Foundations for Mission focused living

Wk 1 - Participants Guide

Wk 2 - Strategic Personal Mission - The Person of Peace

Wk 3 - Who is my Neighbour?

Wk 4 - Sharing your Story

Wk 5 - Basics of the Discovery Bible Study Method - Reading the Bible together


North Point Church 'Source' Series


Leaders Guide

Ruth and Esther 


Jonah and Nahum

Book of James




World Vision


Talking about Poverty


Other Discipleship Resources


THE BLUE BOOK - Studies for Seekers and New Followers of Jesus - Find it at the Apple and Google Play Markets


NEXT STEPS - for a new believer - 30 day journey - Find it at the Apple and Google Play Markets


THE GREEN BOOK - is to equip you to "become a great disciple maker and Leader" - Find it at the Apple and Google Play Markets

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