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Divergent Church Canberra
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Divergent Church TALLONG is passionate about being a local expression of Jesus' kingdom. It is a different kingdom, not one of this world or its practices and principles. Jesus' kingdom is divergent, it is a kingdom where hate is overcome by love, where truth stands out from falsehood, where faith replaces fear. It is not a kingdom that can be experienced simply within the confines of a Sunday event but something seen in the people of God expressing the character of God in to every day life.

At DIVERGENT CHURCH TALLONG we believe Church is not simply an event you attend but a community of people living out the life of Christ, for his cause, acting as catalysts to bless a world that does not know Jesus.

When and Where are DIVERGENT CHURCH Gatherings?


DIVERGENT CHURCH TALLONG can meet at different places so if you are interested please fill out the contact sheet. We would be keen to grab a coffee and chat about Jesus and the Church.

Follow DIVERGENT CHURCH Tallong facebook group or follow us on instagram.


We look forward to seeing you!


Our core heart is to make "All in Disciples devoted to his Kingdom" (yes, we also think that is a slightly awkward sentence ;). For more information on our mission and culture as a Church check out a blog by one of our key leaders here. You can also read more about our vision and community expressions here.


At this stage we are unsure of the timing of our public meetings and launch but we are praying into and preparing for when and how we will participate in what God is already doing through the Church in this great regional city.

Our community is shaped around five key focuses drawn from Ephesians 4. These being Missional, Relational, Biblical, Supernatural and Global. We believe that the best form for a community follows solid clear Biblical focuses.

In addition to being part of the wider Divergent family of Churches we are also
part of the Australian Christian Churches / Assemblies of God in Australia movement.

Contact us
Magnus and Bel together with their two children, Bud and Pip, lead the Tallong gathering.

They are generous and warm and open their home to those in their community. They desire to walk with people and share faith and community.

They have a heart to reach their community and use their gift of hospitality to encourage others. Magnus and Bel love anything nature related and could live off all the beautiful (and delicious) food they grow.
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