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Our next step in leadership

Hi Church,

It is said the only true constant in life is change. In actual fact, without change, there is no growth and if there is growth, inevitably there must be change. As such, with each step into what God has for us, as a leadership and church, we are constantly looking to step into greater maturity and depth.

In practice, the next step in our church community, particularly as we embrace becoming a ‘movement’ of local gatherings globally includes a number of minor but important shifts. These are to ensure that Godly oversight, accountability and mature input are maintained and improved without inhibiting the momentum and flexibility needed to continue in what God has called us to. In these shifts, it is important to remember, that Divergent Church and its Global expression is built upon the Biblical prescriptions and descriptions that lay down the foundation for leadership through Eldership. These requirements are outlined in our document, ‘Leadership in Divergent Church’.

If you are interested, you can also find our legal constitution on the government site, Our constitution seeks to reflect both scriptural prescription and description as well as provide process and duty of care requirements that facilitate high standards of financial and legal governance.

First Shift – Appointment of a Leadership Oversight Team

Andy and Mel Chin – Wesley International Church, Sydney

Rick and Naomi Burrell – Strong Nation Churches, Western Sydney/Blue Mtns

Jacob and Kezziah Muthsam – Resonate Church, South Coast

Michael and Karen Reading – LifeGate Church, Cooma

Alan Davis – former ACC Regional Leader

Josh and Angela Reading – Divergent Global

  1. This team will speak at our churches at least once per year. This may be a ONE gathering or in a different context.

  2. One of these people will also meet with our Regional Leadership once per month.

  3. They will be made accessible to our regional leadership team for questions or difficulties.

  4. In the event of serious discipline or conflict that our Regional Team may struggle with (issues that fall below Australian Christian Churches jurisdiction), they will operate as an independent team to investigate and bring their recommendation.

  5. In the event that there is a need to replace any leader in our Senior Leadership, including the Senior Leaders they will participate and bring insight and recommendation. Their recommendations are, however, not binding, the board and Regional Team operate as the final authority constitutionally. In the case of impasse, our constitution provides that the Australian Christian Churches NSW Executive can step in and make a final decision. This team is not a pastoral team for or within Divergent but a team of experienced, wise and faith-filled leaders to help our Regional Team and speak into our wider Church as needed.

Second Shift – Josh and Ange will take another step away from Canberra’s ‘day to day’ and increasingly take a global focus. Josh and Ange will continue to provide regular input to help ensure the culture and overall direction of Divergent as a movement is consistent. Increasingly, however, they will spend time developing both Divergent’s presence in the Middle East but also other areas globally.

a) Josh will continue as Chair of the board, however, we will be considering changes to our structure to ensure we are well prepared for our next steps as a church both locally, nationally and globally.

b) Josh and Ange will continue to return 2 – 3 times a year with a primary focus on Divergent culture and five-fold health in the different teams and communities. c) Appointment of new Gathering Leaders will be referred for confirmation (after Regional Team discussion) to the Leadership Oversight Team.

Third Shift – Appointment of Kade Klemke as Regional Team Leader. To facilitate the above recommendations, we believe it wise to appoint a Regional Team Leader. This leader crucially needs longevity, availability and capacity.

It is important to note that the ‘Regional Team Leader’ does not take the full role that existed with the previous role of Josh and Ange. Much of this has already been delegated and given to others to fulfil. However, there is a need for a clear pathway of communication, authority and finality when there is need for a ‘call’. This role is nearly exclusively within the regional leadership itself. In Divergent, our goal is to lead in and through teams rather than depend on or look to any single leader, except Jesus. Primary Tasks

  1. Oversee the unity of the Regional Team, facilitating the vision and mission of Divergent as a five-fold based movement whilst maintaining the broader unity of Divergent as ONE Church.

  2. Work with the different sub-communities of Divergent (incl Kids/Youth/Genlife etc) to ensure they are following the vision and culture of Divergent.

  3. Work with the team to ensure consistent discipleship flow and accountability for those who participate, serve and lead in our community.

Regional Team

At this moment, our regional Team consists of our Gathering Leaders. This team is functionally made of those who would rightly be called Elders and those in process that fulfill leadership and ministry as Deacons.

As with any more organically focused community, there will likely be changes in the future as leaders step into what God has for their lives. Our great desire is to send people far beyond our city and region and as such we look forward to the challenge of both sending and raising up new leaders. Our goal in time will also be to have leaders within the regional team that are no longer gathering leaders but solely oversight the Five Focuses (5F) within Divergent Church regionally. Present Regional Team

South – Ronish and Radhika Chaudhary (5F - Teaching Focus with Josh Reading)

Queanbeyan – Kade and Rachel Klemke (5F – Prophetic Focus)

City Am – Kade and Rachel Klemke

City Pm – Ryan and Nicole Prosper

North Am – Phil and Terri Thomson (5F – Pastoral Focus)

North Pm – Kevin Tran (5F - Evangelistic Focus)

Tallong – Magnus and Bel Agren

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