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Ten family friendly activities in Canberra and Queanbeyan

The Canberra and Queanbeyan region offers a wealth of family-friendly activities that combine history, nature, and modern attractions. From iconic landmarks to outdoor adventures, here are ten things families can enjoy in this captivating region.

  1. Discover the Nation's Capital - Canberra: Start your journey by exploring the nation's capital itself. Visit Parliament House, where you can take guided tours and witness the democratic process in action. Marvel at the impressive architecture and stroll through the surrounding gardens. Website: Visit Canberra

  2. Australian War Memorial: Pay homage to the nation's military history at the Australian War Memorial. Families can engage in interactive exhibits, attend educational programs, and participate in the Last Post ceremony. The memorial provides a poignant and educational experience for all ages. Website: Australian War Memorial

  3. National Museum of Australia: Delve into the country's cultural heritage at the National Museum of Australia. With engaging exhibits, interactive displays, and hands-on activities, it's an ideal place for families to learn about Australia's past, present, and future. Website: National Museum of Australia

  4. Explore Questacon - The National Science and Technology Centre: For a day of interactive science and technology exploration, head to Questacon. This hands-on museum captivates young minds with engaging exhibits, live demonstrations, and educational experiences that make learning fun for the whole family. Website: Questacon

  5. Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve: Escape the city and venture into the natural beauty of Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. Families can enjoy walking trails, spot native wildlife, and learn about conservation efforts at the Visitor Centre. Don't miss the chance to see the endangered Northern Corroboree Frog breeding program. Website: Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve

  6. Cockington Green Gardens: Step into a world of miniature marvels at Cockington Green Gardens. This delightful attraction features meticulously crafted miniature buildings set within beautifully landscaped gardens. It's a whimsical experience for both adults and children alike. Website: Cockington Green Gardens

  7. Visit the National Zoo and Aquarium: A haven for animal lovers, the National Zoo and Aquarium is home to a diverse range of wildlife. Families can enjoy interactive zoo experiences, such as feeding giraffes, getting up close with meerkats, and exploring the aquarium's underwater wonders. Website: National Zoo and Aquarium

  8. Take a Cruise on Lake Burley Griffin: Embark on a relaxing cruise on Lake Burley Griffin, the iconic body of water in the heart of Canberra. Several operators offer family-friendly boat tours, providing a unique perspective of the city and its landmarks. Website: Lake Burley Griffin Cruises

  9. Queanbeyan River Walk: For a more tranquil experience, explore the Queanbeyan River Walk. This picturesque trail follows the banks of the Queanbeyan River, offering a peaceful setting for a family stroll or a bike ride. Take in the natural beauty and enjoy a picnic along the way. Website: Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council - Parks and Recreation

  10. Enjoy a Cultural Experience at The Q - Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre: Wrap up your family adventure with a cultural outing at The Q. This performing arts center hosts a variety of family-friendly shows, including plays, musicals, and concerts. Check the schedule for upcoming performances suitable for all ages. Website: The Q - Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre

Conclusion: The Canberra and Queanbeyan region is a treasure trove of family-friendly activities, combining educational experiences with outdoor adventures and cultural enrichment. Whether exploring the nation's capital or immersing yourselves in nature, this region offers a diverse range of attractions that cater to the interests of every family member. If you have any additions to our list, comment and lets share this amazing region together!

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