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Serving one another and the world around us is central to discipleship. To serve, is to be like Christ. There are numerous opportunities to serve within DIVERGENT CHURCH and in our wider communities. 


God has called us first as servants laying down our rights as Christ and gifted us to enable the whole Church community to grow. 



When we gather as a community, like family dinner, there is always stuff to do. From music, media and set up, connections and hospitality, kids ministry through to prayer ministry there is somewhere to serve.



Are you keen to get involved? Fill out the contact sheet below and one of the team will get in contact with you. Otherwise you are welcome to put your name down at a Sunday at the Welcome table. 


Important to the every day life of our communities are the underlying functions that enable our communities to better operate. These include our Administration team, design and communications. If you are interested in these areas we would love to hear from you.


Most of our community projects come out of our Life Communities, however, there are some that have outgrown single groups such as our Refugee engagement and care initiative.

In addition, every 12 weeks we have ENGAGE Sundays whereas a church we serve our community or run events that are more directed to the wider community.

There are more opportunities but this is a start :) Drop us a line via the Contact form 

In the contact form please include your Gathering location and area of interest. 



Thanks for submitting!

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