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Finding your place in Canberra

We understand that 'finding your place' in a new City is a difficult prospect. As such here are some ways you can settle into our amazing city.

  1. Join Local Clubs and Groups:

  • Explore to discover a variety of local clubs and groups in Canberra: Meetup

  • Canberra Community Clubs Directory: VisitCanberra

  • Check out Church. Obviously, we recommending coming to Divergent Church in one of our locations around the Canberra and Capital region but following Jesus in community is life changing wherever you may find spiritual family.

  1. Volunteer for Community Events:

  • Seek volunteer opportunities on Volunteering Australia: Volunteering Australia

  • Canberra Community Volunteering: Hands Across Canberra

  • Ok, did we mention getting involved in Church ;) Seriously, don't just attend become part of the team, part of the community, use your skills to bless others and it opens new horizons.

  1. Attend Community Workshops and Classes:

  • Check out workshops and classes at Canberra's Adult Education Centres: ACT Community Services

  1. Participate in Sports and Recreation:

  • Explore the world of professional sports in Canberra by supporting the city's major teams:

  • Canberra Raiders (Rugby League): Cheer for the Canberra Raiders in the National Rugby League (NRL): Canberra Raiders

  • Brumbies (Rugby Union): Get behind the ACT Brumbies in the Super Rugby competition: Brumbies Rugby Supporting these professional sports teams not only connects you with the local sports community but also provides an exciting and energetic way to engage with Canberra's sporting culture.

  • Browse the directory of sports clubs in Canberra: SportsTG

  • Explore recreational opportunities on the ACT Government website: ACT Government - Sport and Recreation

  1. Explore the Farmer's Markets:

  1. Attend Cultural and Arts Events:

  1. Utilize Social Media and Online Platforms:

  • Connect with neighbours on Nextdoor: Nextdoor

  • Join Canberra-based Facebook groups for community discussions: Canberra Community Groups on Facebook

  • Drop Divergent Church a line on facebook or social media You can do so here or here

  1. Join Networking Events:

  1. Attend Community Festivals:

By exploring these resources, you can delve deeper into the Canberra community, find specific events or groups that align with your interests, and make the most of your efforts to connect and contribute to the vibrant capital city.

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