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What students should know before the big move to Canberra

So, you're about to embark on your journey to the capital of Australia for your new adventure. Canberra is an exciting place with a unique charm, but there are a few things you should know to make your transition as smooth as possible. Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of the Canberra experience:

  1. Climate and Weather: Canberra likes to keep you on your toes with its four-season rollercoaster. Hot summers, chilly winters – pack accordingly! A cozy winter coat might just become your new best friend.

  1. Cost of Living: Brace yourself; Canberra has an unfortunate reputation for being a bit pricey. Budgeting is your new superpower. Consider accommodation, groceries, and the occasional treat. Hunt for those student discounts like a pro.

  1. Public Transport: Buses are your magic carpets here. Get to know the routes, schedules, and the wonders of smart card payment. Public transport is your ticket to city exploration.

  1. Student Accommodation: Housing hunt time! Canberra offers a variety of student-friendly spaces – on-campus, off-campus – take your pick. Pro tip: Book early, consider proximity, amenities, and that student budget.

  1. Cultural and Recreational Activities: Canberra is more than books and assignments. Museums, galleries, parks – it's a cultural feast. Dive into local events and festivals; the city's vibe is contagious.

  1. Job Opportunities: Time to juggle books and work. Canberra has job gems in hospitality and retail. Job boards and university career services are your treasure maps.

  1. Networking and Socializing: Friendships make the world go round. Attend orientations, join clubs, and get involved. Professors and friends will become your Canberra family.

  1. Understanding Local Laws and Regulations: Aussie laws – not as scary as they sound. Visa rules, health insurance, work permits – get the basics down. It's the key to a carefree Canberra stay.

  • Department of Home Affairs - Australia As a note, we are not visa nor immigration experts, whilst we love community and look forward to meeting you, legal matters are not our area of expertise. Please don't email about these matters as an inability to help can cause some people offence.

  1. Healthcare Services: Keep the health worries at bay. Know where the clinics are, sort out health insurance, and register with a local doc. Canberra’s got your back.

  1. Outdoor Adventures: Canberra’s backyard is a playground. National parks, hiking trails – your escape from textbooks. Embrace the outdoors; it's the Aussie way.

Hopefully, you have found some of these points helpful. If you are keen to connect, drop us a line or follow us on social media.

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